Nolo mon amour

Viale Monza 118 (acqua e sapone)

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A dream bubble, a timeless place, Nolo is not only one of the coolest neighborhoods in Milan: it is a constellation of jewels created by those who live there, people who cultivate it with dialogue and cooperation. it is a heterogeneous area of integration, full of precious and unique places to discover! Explore more or less hidden places of this urban fairy tale with the eyes of those who live it! At the end, a sweet stop in a truly magical place to welcome us, the only and inimitable Aunt, a simply indescribable character!

Wonderland does exist: it's Nolo, discover it!

  • : Viale Monza 118 (acqua e sapone) - Milan
  • Walking tour
  • : 2.5 h
  • : 8
  • : 28.00€
  • Carbon Neutral

What's include

  • Snack

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  • Metro tickets

Spoken Languages

Italiano Inglese

“Float with me in the world of ether.” D. Lynch

“Float with me in the world of ether.” D. Lynch


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