Ethical Code


Passionate Local Friends are the core of Worldy. Our promise to travelers is to offer them a unique experience, accompanied by passionate people, who have strong motivation and deep knowledge. As an LF you are committed to communicating this passion to your guests: Knowing your topics in depth, extra research and prep work can make all the difference. Be fully present during the experience, for example, avoid being distracted by your mobile phone. Be open and proactive to the feedback you receive from Worlders (Worldy travelers / customers).


Our mission is to make travelers experience cities as if they were local people. Worldy LFs want to share the true soul of their city, offering travelers an authentic and original experience. Provide an authentic experience by revealing secret gems, providing original access to your Worlders. Remember that travelers get in touch with Worldy because they would like to try something they couldn't do on their own.


One of the most important things for us is to connect cultures and people. Connect with your Worlders at all stages of their journey. Before meeting travelers: Be available to answer their questions and requests. They may need additional information or simply reassurance that they have chosen the LF and experience that best suits their needs. During the experience: pay attention to the needs of your Worlders, specific groups (children, the elderly, people with disabilities) may need special assistance. Take breaks when giving an explanation to make sure everyone in the group feels involved. Be aware of cultural differences, remember that different people may expect different behaviors and have different sensitivities. Stay curious and keep an open mind. After the experience: Following up by sharing information and extra tips can make the difference! Remember that at the end of each experience you will receive a review and feedback. Remember that users have the option to use the tipping feature and by complying with the Worldy Code of Ethics you will increase the chances of receiving an appropriate tip.

Legality and honesty

Worldy recognizes compliance with the laws and regulations in force in Italy and in the other countries in which it operates as a fundamental principle. The Recipients, in the performance of their functions and in the exercise of their respective activities, are required to comply with all the rules of the legal systems in which they operate. To this end, conduct is strictly bound, in the decision and implementation phase, to full compliance with all applicable national and international regulations, with the regulations defined by the Supervisory Authorities as well as with internal procedures. In no case can the pursuit of the Company's interests justify conduct contrary to the principles of correctness, honesty and legality.

Protection and respect for the person and for human rights

Worldy respects people's fundamental rights, protects physical and moral integrity and guarantees equal opportunities for all. Worldy rejects all forms of violence and discrimination, especially those based on factors such as gender, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, political opinions, religious beliefs, ethnic and geographical origin, social and cultural conditions. It rejects and fights any form of harassing behavior that is harmful to personal dignity in the workplace and favors a safe, peaceful and favorable working environment for interpersonal relationships on a level of equality, mutual fairness and respect.


Decisions and behaviors are respectively adopted and implemented in full respect of the personality of each person, encouraging and rewarding merit, integrity and sense of responsibility with the utmost respect for individual diversity and avoiding any discrimination based on age, status health, gender, religion, race, political and cultural opinion, as well as personal or social conditions. The recognition of the results achieved, the professional potential and the skills expressed are essential criteria for establishing and maintaining professional and commercial relationships.

Brand loyalty

Worldy Local Friends represent the Worldy community and are therefore required to respect the following restrictions: Worldy tours should always be private, unless otherwise specified or requested by Worldy with the agreement of all parties, mixing booking groups is not allowed different participants and no other participant other than those who booked and purchased the experience from the platform. The experiences must always be conducted by the LF of the reservation, the LF should never send another person for the experience. LFs must refrain from expressing negative feelings about Worldy or complaining about the company or one of its parties in front of travelers or on the platform. All complaints and feedback must be addressed directly to the Worldy srl team. Be aware of your online presence and set your privacy settings accordingly. Keep the Worldy image in mind when sharing content and your social profiles. Use the platform authentically to promote your profile, content, anecdotes and curiosities and avoid using the platform to conduct other business with the Worlders (for example trying to bypass the online booking system) or other LFs. Remain impartial and calm when interacting with travelers. LFs should not solicit tips and discuss remuneration with their travelers, remember that if the experience has been unforgettable, the traveler can leave a Tip for your support through the platform.

Minimum standard requirements for Local Friends

These are the minimum standard requirements Local Friends must meet in order to maintain a Worldy profile. Any breach of these requirements will result in removal from the platform. The LF are required to comply with the following professional standards: be available and reachable by both travelers and the office, in particular for any urgent or time-sensitive matter or around the time of a reservation. Have an appropriate presence and clothing, in compliance with hygiene standards. Communicate with travelers and the company in a polite and respectful way. Respect the commitment of a reservation; Of course, unexpected situations can occur but being late, canceling or not showing up at a presentation without informing your guests and without a valid reason is not acceptable! It is strictly forbidden to lend one's business under the influence of alcohol or drugs and it is recommended to avoid inappropriate behavior such as smoking during a tour. The contents that will be published by the LF through their personal profile, on the Worldy bulletin board, must concern exclusively the world of Travel.